d e c o r a t i n g  s o l u t i o n s

Painting, papering and tiling, Morpeth

Painting a townhouse, Morpeth.

Hand painted stripes and patterns in master and childrens bedrooms, Morpeth

Wallpapering Longhirst Hall.

Painting & papering, Morpeth.

Wallpapering, Morpeth.

Lounge, dining room & kitchen, Whalton.

Farm house interior & exterior, Tritlington.

Painting and papering a living room and orangery, Morpeth 

Painting and papering a whole house, Morpeth

Painting, papering & tiling, Whalton.

Tiling, kitchens and bathrooms .

Painting in Whalton..

Barn conversion, painting & papering in Felton.